Be among the first to read a new Australian online 4x4 magazine

Jul 04, 2014 A free online 4x4 magazine with many respected contributors promoting the pleasures of 4x4 travel and adventure. Read more

Award winner aims at 4WD traction

Jun 18, 2014 Wanganui Chronicle recognises the NZFWDA Outstanding Young Person of the Year Read more

NZ Four Wheel drive Submission on Waikato CMS.

Dec 05, 2013 This response from Tinaka Mearns DOC. Read more

Community conservation groups

Jun 20, 2014 Kaitaia 4WD club are helping to restore the Tauroa middens. Middens are the remains of ancient rubbish dumps that give us a glimpse into how people lived in the past. Read more

4WD use encouraged by DOC’s Conservation Management Strategy

Jul 28, 2013 Read more

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