Another Auckland beach with vehicle use under scrutiny

November 16, 2022

 Driving a motor vehicle on any Auckland beach is currently prohibited, except to launch or retrieve a boat, or in an emergency.

However, Auckland Council Franklin area operations manager Eli Ewens says the about 3500 permit holders who comply with specific rules, including having a registered vehicle, can drive on specific beaches - including Karioitahi.

“Unregistered vehicles, including trailbikes and off-road buggies, are not allowed on any beach and Police and Auckland Council staff will check over summer.

“We are aware of vehicle safety issues at Karioitahi and are working with Franklin Local Board, iwi, Police, Auckland Transport and the surf club to put a programme in place.”

He says it’s important to balance the interests of all to ensure everyone’s enjoyment is maintained. “But we must also act to protect public safety and the environment.”

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