Members' Portal

September 10, 2020

All our members whose affiliated club has passed on their 2020 affiliation fees and contact details to the Association have access to the new Members' Portal. You will have received an email of the details and an invitation to log on. 

Our new system is on the TidyHQ platform and contains lots of webpage tabs with information, while also hosting our membership database where you can access and update your own details, and only your own! 

The Online Document Library is where we've gathered together all our documents that are available to our clubs and members to download. These include:

  • The first two of the sample forms and documents that we've been developing for clubs, along with a guide as to how clubs can use them. This is a follow-on from the NZFWDA Health & Safety Policy & Guidelines we previously published.
  • Guidelines for handling environmental factors when planning an event, to ensure compliance with the Resource Management Act (RMA).
  • The specifications for tow-hooks and mounting them, developed by CCVC and kindly made available for anyone to use.
  • Other documents such as the current Constitution, remits, insurance. 

You'll also see our new Consultations tab. The idea is to let clubs and members know what consultations are available, when submissions are due and who is working on making submissions. 

Finally, there's our new Community Contributions tab, where we are wanting to list the good deeds our clubs have done in the community. These activities are really important and serve as a way to contribute back to the communities that allow access for our 4wd trips and events. This tab will also be open to the public to see and we have put a link to it from the About Us page on our website. 

We aim to keep adding to the members' portal and it's likely that these tabs and their content will change and improve as we get more used to the new system and how to use it to its potential. 

Meanwhile some material on our website is being reduced as it's either moved to the Members' Portal or it's no longer something most folk are interested in. This will take a while to complete. 

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