NZFWDA 2020 AGM Postponed due to Covid-19 Lock-down

March 27, 2020

Hello everyone,

You will all be aware of our country’s response to Covid-19 and the upcoming imposition of isolation practices on us all. These latest announcements have, once again, changed the landscape within which we can and must live our daily lives.

Having previously advised the decision to abandon the planned face to face AGM in Auckland and move to an electronic format, the National Executive Committee has been assessing various platforms available for use. Whilst we are satisfied we could host a presentation-style meeting the added complexities of delegate registration, speaking rights, and recording of voting, appear to test the limits of presently available technologies. Additionally, our Constitution and meeting rules are somewhat ambiguous around meetings other than face to face.

Accordingly and after much deliberation, the National Executive has concluded there is no better option than to postpone the 2020 AGM for up to 6 months, with a review of our community rules after the first 3 months to determine if, by then, we might realistically schedule a face to face AGM within the second 3 month period.

There are a significant number of remits pertaining to Constitution Rule changes to consider at the next AGM and the Executive wishes to ensure open discussion is available for all Clubs / delegates / members.

In order to put these latest decisions into effect the Executive proposes to also delay publication of AGM-related reports and remits; these will be distributed to Clubs within the same timeframe provisions as presently pertain i.e 2 months prior to end of the month in which the AGM will proceed. I understand Zone and Competitions Committee AGM’s are being similarly deferred.

I trust all members will be accepting of the National Executive’s decisions in these matters; in reality we have no workable option than to delay all matters pertaining to the AGM until such time as personal attendance by delegates can be safely organised.

I also hope that everyone can remain safe and unaffected by this current communicable disease; stay safe in your respective “bubble” but also remember to maintain remote contact with your family, friends, and neighbours; this is a time for awareness and kindness to others especially those who might have needs that you might be able to respond to.

Best wishes.
Neville Dunton
President, NZFWDA Inc.

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