January 31, 2019

LVVTA are committed to a collaborative approach to modified vehicle standards. It’s an approach that allows the vehicle modification industry and affected vehicle owners and modifiers to provide their input on standards before amendments are made to them. For this, LVVTA seeks open and honest feedback from the public including suggested amendments, alterations, additions or redactions.

Documents open for consultation can also be found here:

We are currently consulting on:

Submissions received will be summarised and analysed, where appropriate the LVV Standard will be redrafted to take into account the submissions received. If necessary, we will undertake further consultation with key groups before finalising amendments.

How to Make a Submission

Submissions must be addressed to:


LVVTA Submissions
PO Box 50-600,
Wellington 5240

Submissions must be received prior to, Wednesday 20 February 2019.
Important information about making a submission:
Your submission may become publicly available information, so please indicate clearly if your comments are commercially sensitive or if there is some other reason they should not be disclosed.  
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