Why you should join

Unity makes us strong

Numbers are vital in lobbying for recreation opportunities and we need the full support of the four wheeling community. With the support of all clubs we can provide backing of a strong organisation to assist where it may be needed. The more members, the louder voice we have to let our thoughts be known.

Insurance cover

The comprehensive insurance cover is a unique benefit of the NZFWDA. It provides public liability cover for clubs and members while taking part in or organising 4wd events. There are also policies for legal defence and statutory liability ensuring that NZFWDA members have the necessary cover should anything go wrong.

Land access

Access to public and private land is vital to four wheeling. The NZFWDA works with land managers, local authorities and government departments in efforts to ensure our needs are recognised. This can extend, as it has in the past, to legal challenges against local authorities over the stopping of legal roads.

There have been many successful programs promoted by the NZFWDA that have allowed 4WD recreational use of public and private land. The Maratoto trail, the managed use of the Akatarawa's, the reinstatement of bridges on the Whangamomona Rd, 4x4 seasonal use of the 42nd Traverse, advocating for 4x4 access to St James Conservation Area etc., are just some of the success stories.


Within the NZFWDA there are two major types of competition available - 4x4 Trials and Winch Challenges. Both are high-octane adrenaline filled motosports which are at the cutting edge of 4wd technology. The products that are now available to be bought of the shelf, and the recognition gained for our sport and recreation because of these motorsports, is invaluable.

For those wishing to get into 4wd competition at the ground level, many NZFWDA clubs run entry level competitions.

Vehicle regulations

New vehicle rules and regulations are continually being thrust upon us. The NZFWDA is a founding member of the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) and has its own Technical Review Panel who work with the LVVTA to ensure that any new regulations relating to 4wd vehicles remain sensible and applicable to our recreation.


Promotion of Four Wheel Driving is at the heart of all these benefits. The NZFWDA works tirelessly to ensure the future of Four Wheel Driving as a safe, friendly and enjoyable recreation. Become a member today and help us to promote a recreation which allows us to get out and experience this great country we live in now, and hopefully for many years to come.


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