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Wild NZ: Four-Wheeling Fun!

Dec 21, 2017 Grapevine Magazine article.... " If you’ve got a hankering to see what your truck can really do, there is a way you can satisfy your curiosity. And satisfy it in a way that’s safe for you and your occupants, safe for your vehicle, and safe from the potential embarrassment of getting stuck on your back lawn as you attempt four-wheeling for the first time. Enter the four-wheel-drive club …" Read more

Wasp Wipeout

Dec 02, 2017 Read more

Clubs plant in parks

Jul 03, 2017 Another successful planting day was carried out recently at Te Rau Puriri Regional Park on the Kaipara South Head by the Auckland 4WD Club, Land Rover Owners Club (Auckland) and Council park Rangers. Read more


Nov 12, 2016 The Department of Conservation is developing a five-year Recreation Strategy for the Conservation Park Read more

UFWDA Voice April '16

May 11, 2016 United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc publish an online magazine Read more

Public Liability Certificate for 2017 - 2018

Jul 03, 2017 New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association Public Liability Certificate for 2017 - 2018 Read more

42 Traverse opens on 1 December for 4x4 use.

Nov 30, 2016 DoC advise that the 42 Traverse bollards have been removed. Read more

UFWDA Voice August '16

Aug 30, 2016 The online magazine of United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc. Read more

More information needed on unmodified 4WD suspensions

Feb 05, 2016 In a preliminary report from the LVVTA on the Four Wheel Drive Workshop held last year to look at the question of raising 4WD vehicles, the group agreed that further information is required for looking at suspension, panhard and steering arm angles. Read more

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